Committee Structure

The Southwest Florida Section of ASSP’s Committee structure is critical to the operation and general health of the section.  This is the best way for you to get involved in YOUR professional society.

Program – Monthly meeting “production” and the annual Professional Development Conference – “Safe Florida”). The “PDC” committee is an extension of the Program committee.

Outreach – Networking with other chapters and bringing in other groups with which to partner in safety-related efforts)

Publicity – Spreading the word about all our programs and activities through advertising, publicity, social networking, and webinars)

Government Affairs – Influencing political events and legislation. Current efforts include lobbying to institute stronger laws against distracted driving, bringing OSHA level protection to Florida’s government workers, and enacting a form of “Zack’s Law” to protect student athletes from brain and spinal injuries.

These committee pages are new and currently under construction, so please be patient as we add content.  Do you have suggestions on what we should add?  Drop the webmaster an e-mail at webmaster.

Get involved today!  This is the best way to enhance your safety career. Want to join a committee? Write us at