The Southwest Florida Section of ASSP’s Committees are the best way for you to get involved in YOUR professional society.

Program – Help us with monthly meeting “production” finding venues and speakers. Also help with the annual Professional Development Conference – “Safe Florida”. The PDC committee is an extension of the Program committee.

Outreach – Networking with other chapters and bringing in other groups with which to partner in safety-related efforts.

Social Media – Spreading the word about all our programs and activities through maintaining our social pages and groups.

Government Affairs – Influencing political events and legislation. Current efforts include lobbying to institute stronger laws against distracted driving, bringing OSHA level protection to Florida’s government workers, and enacting a form of “Zack’s Law” to protect student athletes from brain and spinal injuries.

Get involved today!  This is the best way to enhance your safety career. Want to join a committee? Let us know at the next chapter event!